Yes I have.. imaginary friend (not particular one actually,it keeps changing) whom I busy with most of the time! Here's a late night doodle,dedicate to him/them! :)

Have a nice day fellas! 
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Creatures of Odeon

Something before going to sleep..
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Umm...yeah..pretty much practice!

It's 4 o'clock in the morning and again I manage some time for a late night doodle(read "practice") in between my other freelance works...going off to sleep! Oh and I gotta piles of pen sketches and other life sketches as well, so gotta scan those papers!

Have a nice day folks! :)
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Okay so last night I was scribbling in PS and came out this "rough-bulky-out of the world-drill arm guy" after spending half n hour or 45 mins. Put the color and make the BG in today morning..ta daaaah! Perhaps another intention was to make this character is for the studio "GamEon" for their up coming console game project which is still in progress!

Have a nice day guys! :)
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Calvin and Hobbes_fan art

Just goofin' around..late night doodle..ahh after so long time!!! :)
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