Gangster family

Done this for Character Design page in Facebook and the topic was "Gangster".
I should have spent a lil' more time with that. Not happy! -_-

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Late night junk

Something before leaving the studio. A quick sketch.

Joker gives. Batman takes !
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Devil got inked!

Okay so started working as a Hell boy fan art but ended up in this, and that's kinda reminds me of my first experience of getting inked! Maan it HURTS! -_-

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Simpler's Project- New musical venture

Okay so this is the thing which is been brewing up for quite a long time, build an Electro Acoustic/Ambient music setup called "Simplers' Project" with my fellow musician friend from Kolkata. We released our first track called "A song for you" in Soundcloud from our debut EP"Waves" and it has responded insanely! I mean after putting the track in online it played 22k + in first 10 days. Shit just got real man!! :D

So I did what I do best, made a quick promo poster sort of sketch in between my office work(the first one). The second one is the small glimpse of our EP "Waves". Second track is gonna hit the online soon, probably next week.

Oh and this is the link of our first track, hope you all like it. ^.^

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Whenever in doubts, draw superheroes. It clears you.
Logan riding on a mean machine.

..and maaan, this album is just knocked me HARD!
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Hello 2015 !

So the year starts with this shit. Took some time to wrap up in between my office work.
Fuck, this year is gonna be BAD ASS.



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