Just a random evil character at the end of the day. Probably gonna make a 3D model of it. Hope you guys like it. :)
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First post of '20

First post of '20! Been grinding on this piece for too long. Took awhile to finish this. Happy new year fellas. Have an amazing and productive year ahead.
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Soccer Dad

Started off with a single character design for a friend's project and ended up a full blown illustration. Finished this piece in between my work. Man I wish I could be a part of some animated series like this! Hope you dig it . :)
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Scary guy...with skull!

I actually had no caption in my mind for this work. Just a random character in between my work.
Oh and also first art post from Toronto..yaay!
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Dapper Nika

Did this small commission thingy in between office work. I also draw badass girls as well.

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Ninja Cats

Been awhile since I participate in the character design challenge and thought to post something based on the current topic. Some crazy submissions in this month man, phew!!

Anyways here's my Ninja Cats. Hope you guys will like it. :)

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