Quick sketch..don't know what the hell happened!!! -_-

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Post lunch doodle

Wish I could direct an animated show or make a graphic novel out of this..sigh!! :/

Post lunch doodle anyways.
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LoudLOL # 4

This time is for "Undying Inc" \m/

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LoudLOL # 3

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LoudLOL # 2

Okay so here's the thingy I've been working on these days with Kabya about a small comic strip project mainly focus on Music! This is just a first draft I've made. I'll create a page and will start posting there soon. Hope you'll like it.
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LoudLOL # 1-don't be a DOUCHEBAG!

If you support Indie music scene,BUY their original cds and merch!

'nuff said. Bye!

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