Model sheet-Me make myself!

Done this for a model sheet competition in "character design blog". After a long time I finally made a character. o_O
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Album cover

This is for an album art cover I've done recently with Sony Music.
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Made this in between my office work. Man,I'm out of stock for so long time DAMN!!! :\
Anyways track of the day:

Tyler, you are one BIG mofo! :|
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Art by Request

Another update!! Made this for a friend's birthday who make some AMAZING muffins..and..cakes..and pie...and...anyways,have a great day folks! :) 
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It's interview time

Hello my interview has published recently in a USA based computer graphics website called "YourCavern blog". Thank you so much for that guys. I'm overwhelmed.

You can check the whole interview here also:

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Last night creature

Last night doodle! Made it before leaving the studio last night.

Track of the day:
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