Quick sketch before leaving the office. Wanted to post something on his birthday but..anyways, happy belated birthday,slut!
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Halloween sketch..but it's too late!

It's been awhile since I post something and maan,my hands are already gone rusty! Did this sketch in between work. Halloween is gone but who cares?! :)

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Happy Birthday...

..to the best writer, best dancer and best person on Earth!  Wish you all the very best for your future endeavors. :)

Glad I met you.
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Pizza boy

 Anyone's up for free pizza?!

Something before leaving the studio. Happy Sunday people! :)

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Some old works

These are some of the old works I've done for some articles. paid gig, you know! :P
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So been super busy with this project called "Chimera", collaborating with one of the prolific writer friend of mine Soumali for this. Will slowly update some inside materials. meanwhile here's a cover page..tadaaaaa!!
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