Recent studies which I forgot to post. Hope you will like it. 

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Teaser board

 So I had this seed idea of a teaser trailer or an opening sequence of the classic horror The Texas Chainsaw Massacre which is been titillating my brain for awhile. Being an ardent horror fan I just wanted to make something very short, preferably under a minute. Did this board in between my office work which took roughly 2-3 weeks from the planning till end. Just my homage to the classic horror franchise. Hope you dig it.

The Jurassic Club

 Not getting enough time to do my personal stuff but had this sketched out long back so thought I should finish this. Managed to wrap up in between work. Wanted to give this piece a very much child book illustrative vibe. Hope you guys like it. Cheers :)

Metalhead guy

 Sorry for the long pause. Been busy with my office work for past few months so couldn't able to do my own stuff. Anyways, managed to finish this piece recently. Hope you enjoy. Happy Easter everybody. :)

Lucha Libre

 First post of '22. I wish you all a happy new year. Achieve your dreams the way these two achieved their titles. Looking forward to create more art and music this year. Stay safe ✌


 Made this design long back for Toronto's finest drummer Sarah Thawer , thought I should share with you guys. Cheers. ✌

Ninja Bunny

Been super busy for last couple of weeks with my office work so couldn't get time to do my own stuff but here's a Ninja Bunny I've made in my free time recently. He's a little fat but he got all the chops. Hope you'll like it.