matte pt.2

 I told ya I keep doin' this until it completely get in to my grasp :) Well I wanted to show,I mean the concept was a pirate island where wreckage boats and ships are scatter around the beach..did some thumbnail sketches in my sketchbook of how the things would be in place,how the whole thing would be composed....but alas!my studio scanner wasn't working so didn't able to put those sketches with it....anyways I wanted show the scene in the time of dusk with putting a spooky serene element into it...don't know whether I able to came up with that mood or not!I found interesting in the time of giving lighting  into the scene cuz' dusk lighting is a bit tricky one!but didn't get enough time to put some more things or sharpen the whole scene cuz' I ended up only in 2hrs or so...some studio works were on the line...keeping my study going on...and oh btw was checking some matte/concept art of an artist called Andree Wallin in guys can also check his incredible piece of it is cya in next time...have a nice weekend! :)


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