When you hit by the Deadline..

..then you have nowhere to run or hide! That's what I'm going through these days in my studio, I know you people enjoying the holidays,fooling around,making snowman in your terrace by wearing a sweat pant but mine is just like this! Looking forward to a better year this time, this is probably my last post of this year so wish you guys happy and prosperous new year..Cheers! :)


Wine and Words said...

Ronnie, these are amazing. Do you draw these? Is illustration your line of work? My father is an artist. He made money when he was young by drawing caricatures at Disneyland :)

Thanks for visiting my music blog.

Ronnie said...

@wine and words...yupz I'm an illustrator and this is my blog where I dump all my art stuffs! Glad you like it :)

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