Prodigy Man

This came out when I saw from the artist Antonio Santamaria's one of blog post that his friend is gonna  complete a film about a super hero called "Prodigy Man" in Barcelona. Antonio already done a version of "Prodigy Man" and uploaded in his blog which is super cool and also invited to make our own version of him! Well this is my take to "Prodigy Man", a uber cool guy with some super human power( I guess!!)

If you are also interested to make one of his avatar then do it and send it to
Meanwhile you guys can check the version of Antonio Santamaria, he's one of my fav! :)


Antonio Santamaria said...

Hi Ronnie! This is Antonio Santamaria from Barcelona, Spain. Thanks for participate on the Prodigy Man Project. My friend (and director) Xavi Cristobal is full of glad with it and he wants to thank you a lot. For my part, I also would like to thank your words about my work and tell you, that.... you have also a great style!!! I have seen some of your works and they are really great so thanks again and keep in touch! Cheers!

Ronnie said...

Thank you sooo much sir for all your precious words,it means aloot for me!! Will sure keep in touch with both you guys. Thank you so much :)

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