"Super Mario" fan art

Time for another fan art!!!!!!! This time one my fav computer games( back on that time) character "Super Mario"...

Have a nice weekend guys :)
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Book cover

Recently I'm working on a children book cover of one of Dubai's school..Here are two pieces I've made :)
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For "Zombie Art Show"

Has anyone heard of "Zombie Art Show"? Well this year it's taking place at Long beach,California on 29th of October ( Halloween time baby!). This is an art exhibition mainly based on zombie themed artworks,participate many artists and showcase their works over there. I've recently came across about that and thought to participate by creating something based on that! Here's it's a zombie band kindda thing I've made,posing three weird looking pothead zombies on the line! The submission date is near,crossing my fingers... :) Here's the link http://www.zombieartshow.com/

Cya on next post guys...and oh btw the great "Atreyu" saved me this time :D
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A request

After rejecting thousands of requests( don't worry guys,I'll take care each and every request of yours of making cartoons..just gimme some time..may be more!!!) finally this thing happened! Done by my friend's request who is kick ass drummer as well( accha I forgot to tell her name..she's Titash and she's not a river!)

Have a nice day :)
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That's GROSS!!

My level of filthiness are clearly upbringing day by day..and here's a result of it! 
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The (new) Abbey Road

Umm...four weird guy/monster/alien walking down the street..maan I have to go to the doctor!!! :P
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