Bane,not again!!!!

Well something before leaving the studio....Was blown away by seeing "Dark Knight Rises" , so wanted to make something with that!!

"Bane,leave him alone...he's a child wearing a mere batman mask!"
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Done for an untitled short film working couple of my friends. I'm not in the part of their project though, one of them has asked me to do a chef character for the film.

Have a nice weekend guys :)
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Don't mess with them!

That's what I feel about the black metal heads!! I'm not at all the black metal fan but what fascinate me is their costumes,make ups and the stage presence. Btw here's a late night doodle sorta thing, hope you enjoyed! :)
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A request # 2

Another friend of mine has requested me to do his cartoon sorta thing, and this time the request came from AUSTRIA!!!!! His name is Danny( written in the board!), a uber cool guy who love to travel and play music.

Have a nice weekend folks! :)
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Badman again

I'm planning to make a small comic stripe out of this character!!! o_O
Btw here's a cover page kinda stuff I've made for the comic..done before leaving the studio :)
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