For a game

Done this for a PSP,Xbox multiplayer game,developing couple of friends of mine!!
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Animation Reporter of August issue

So again my work has published in Animation Reporter magazine in the month of August issue. This time they put the fan art of "Freddy vs Jason" which I had done quite a long time back!

If you wanna see the high resolution of this piece you can check the link given below..

Have a nice day! :)
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Just a quicky

Post lunch doodle over a random concept..
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Done this for my friend,been pending this thing for long long time but took some time off from my busy office schedule and finished this piece! I'm happy the way it turns out..

Have a nice weekend folks! :)
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The Human Centipede 2_fan art

Recently I get to know about the movie franchise called "The Human Centipede", have seen their trailer couple of days ago and it just made me SICK! Watched the trailer of both the movies but damn! I like the second version..The whole movie shot in Black and White and it was one of the most sickest and disgusted movie trailer I've ever seen!! But..but..I really really like the concept about making an actual human centipede, it was awfully done in the second part..and the protagonist of the film,Martin Lomax! That guy was marvelous!

Though I havn't checked any of the part of that movie but yeesss I've managed to make a fan art thing today!Hope you'll like it :)
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For a friend

Sorry for the lack of updates, been busy with my work a lot these days, can't find any time to post anything here! Anyways done this for a friend's website. Had a lot of fun doing this..

Stay tuned for the next update! :)
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It's snowing

Just worked over a random concept before leaving the studio..Have a nice weekend! :)
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The Tumor

I'm a big time fan of Ryan Jones's work.His style,his characterization,color pallets are immensely jaw dropping! Been following his blog(read work) for awhile now. Came to know from one of his blog post about a small comic strip called "The Tumor" created by his friend Ben Jelter, I somehow collect that thing and I was floored by his look and feel and specially the story! Was hooked in each and every pages..even today! You guys can get a preview from here

I know It's too late to do this now but I've become a fan of "Greg" and it's "Tumor". Anyway here's a kinda fan art I've made in my spare time, though I've changed the whole character and done in my style. Hope you like it. And I'll highly recommend you to collect that comic as soon as possible!

Ohh..I almost forgot, here's the link of Ryan Jone's blog

Enjoy! :)
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