Late night doodle..

..with Hunter!!!
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Canyon- Environment test #3

Another environment test before shutting down for the day...Was listening the entire album "Gold in the shadow" of William Fitzsimmons( I guess I'm listening it billionz time right now! who cares?!) and stuck in a very predictable song called "Beautiful girl",put in a loop and it plays over and over again. The whole impact of that song was fall into that thing and came out pretty nicely!!!

You can stream this amazing song from here :)
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Done this for a Gaming studio called GameEon where I'm currently working as a freelance character designer/concept artist! A mascot sorta thing..

Oh and thank you soo much Creative Gaga Magazine for featuring my work in your Nov/Dec FanClub segment..I'm really overwhelmed! Here's the link :)
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Environment test # 2

Another environment test before going to sleep!
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Environment test

Just a simple test over an environment before going to bed..took almost one and a half hour..I guess!!!
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Another cover

Here's another book cover I've done for a freelance project. My task was to show "Civic" "History" and "Geography" all three subjects in one cover page..Here's the thing which finally came!! 
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Redneck family

Mmm...kinda doodle sorta thing over a random concept! Skip to do their mom,was feeling lazy! :P
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Some doodles

(top) I was practicing some gesture drawing few days ago,thought it would be great if I choose particular one character and make some of his/her actions! Then "mime" is came to my mind and done some gesture practice,will post some more gestures of him soon.

(bottom) That's a mere character I've designed for a graphic novel,it's still going....
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