Another art piece came from late at night..influenced by the paintings of Sam Araya..he's a KILLER!
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Cubism Dream

                                                    "She flew across the sea,
                                                    we talked on a small screen,
                                                    a cubism dream..."

This is not kinda work I mostly do..but had fun doing it! Smoked a joint,hit "Bonobo" in my ear and started dreaming.Will do some more like these.

Track of the day:

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I'm not DEAD's the thing!

Finished last night,found a rough sketch of this character from one of my early sketchbook,thought to finish it up with color.So alive big time and hope to kick some more butts in my upcoming stuffs.Now don't ask when my next update is gonna see the sunrise...hopefully soon cuz' been busy with so many things for awhile. Now it's time to drive my own vehicle. cya soon. :)
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Late night junk

Something before going to bed...feeling great after a long time! :)

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Old boards

Helloo guys..again after a long hiatus! Okay so this time I've brought something's some old storyboards I've made when I was in Maya Digital Studios.

"all the images are property of Maya Digital Studios"
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