The Lady pt. 2

Second installation of this series "The Lady". Hope these will keep come more.

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The Lady pt. 1

So I've been talking to a girl for past couple of months and we kinda bonded well lately. Every time I talk to her I kinda feel something fresh..inspiring..may be! This painting happened suddenly actually and this not the kind of work I usually do. You know there are many things or people around you when you see those or talk with those people, some kinda ideation started growing inside your mind and you go like "geez!this is fascinating". It's been building up for a long time and I don't know how to start it. The concept was clear. Lately I've been following the polygonal/geometrical shape based illustration or design, those 3D abstract/geometrical shapes where you create in Cinema 4D with plexus for Motion graphic videos. One of my friend is a motion graphic artist and I'm a huge fan of his work and been looking to create some cool visuals where I can incorporate 3D abstract/geometrical shapes in my illustration. So after seeing some hundreds of design like these I was clear about the visuals and actually didn't take huge time to wrap this thing off! This is "The Lady" piece I made here and I guess I'm gonna start some more pieces on this..may be! :)

Hope you'll like it.

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Gods at War

Fuck "The Avangers"! We got a BADDEST of'em all.

Art junk of the weekend. :)
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