Did this piece again for Facebook Character Design challenge but I missed the deadline this time. Anyways, hope you like my goddess Cali...err Kali. Cheers :)

The G.O.A.T of all goats


Here's a fun piece I've made recently for Facebook's character design challenge. Hope you will enjoy :))

The Invasion


Made this piece for Facebook Character Design Challenge over June theme. They are the land protectors, keeping their land safe from the invasion. Hope you'll enjoy. :)

Animatic 2


Another old work. This is a small animatic scene of a pilot episode I've made while working in Hopmotion Studio. Had fun working on a slapstick animated comedy shows like this. All right reserved to Hopmotion Studios. Enjoy. :)

Animatic 1

So this is a small animatic of a music video I've made probably 4 years back but sadly it's still remain unfinished. I was actually planning to make something for my own storyboard portfolio, thought not to make anything more than a minute. Then suddenly bumped into this wonderful track of Stateless called "Bloodstream" and this whole story which my friend Soumali penned down long back kinda fit into that perfectly. A huge shout out to her for conceptualize the whole thing. May be someday I'll finish it, who knows? Anyways posting my storyboard work for the first time here, for a change. Hope you guys will like it. :)

Black Zang


Made this promotional artwork for Black Zang recently. Had a great fun making this piece. Hope you guys dig it. 

Also shout out to my man Black Zang for being one of the OGs in Bangladesh hip hop scene. Go check his stuff out. 🔥


 Done this piece for the uber talented artist Max Grecke's "draw in your own style" challenge of the same character. Had a great fun making this, also explored a bit realistic style after awhile. Working on a personal project rn, sorry for the less post.